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Headed to explore the ocean depths? Looking for diving or snorkeling gear? You’re on the right track!  Welcome to Scuba Scooters!

Here at ScubaScooters.com, we’re committed to broadening your horizons about contemporary diving gear. The blog provides the vital knowledge necessary to explore the underwater world. Whether you’re a novice or an expert looking for information or training, black or fuschia gear, or just the latest tropical adventure apparel, he’s got it.

When we review scuba diving gear, you may be sure that we spend a respectable amount of time to make in-depth research on the specs, facts, tests, customer reviews, and other related information.

Who’s Behind Scuba Scooters

ryan underwater scuba diving

Ryan Simonson loves everything related to oceanography. Living in Sarasota, he dedicates his life to marine geography. He went to the University of South Florida and studied marine science, where he also found like-minded friends to share the experience with. Soon after they decided to take up a blog about their favorite scope.

As a scuba diving enthusiast with dozens of selfies with sharks, Ryan launched ScubaScooters.com in 2016 with one single mission – to tell the readers truthful unbiased information about the world of scuba diving and snorkeling.

If you are looking for diving or snorkeling gear that is the best for you, this blog is a must. Just keep reading and dive into the ocean of essential detailed reviews.