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Trying to find the best snorkel mask on the market is most likely the main reason why you are reading this article. Well, we’ve carried out our survey and analysis and discovered the best full face snorkel mask on the market. 

No need for unnecessary suspense, the best full-face scuba mask available is WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180° V2 Full Face Snorkel Mask with FLOWTECH Advanced Breathing System

The Winner

Wildhorn outfitters guarantee you snorkeling without having to see through a small window or bother about constant fogging up. The two separate breathing chambers that it comes with also helps you breathe a lot easier while reducing fogging. 

With a 180-degree view, you can stay rest assured that your snorkeling experience would indeed be a window into the watery world.

  • Flowtech system comes with two chambers for breathing as well as four intake valves
  • A large lens that provides a 180-degree view of the seascape ahead of you
  • Durable silicon insert that provides a watertight seal around your face and prevents the inflow of water
  • It comes with a detachable camera mount on the side

I’m certain that you would agree for a fact that selecting the best full face snorkel mask given a very wide range of choices can be a difficult decision to make. But is it really? 

Given the right tips and knowledge of how to make the best choices, you might never have to second-guess yourself again. 

Therefore, in this article, we would be covering just that, apart from supplying you with information about the best, we are going to help you learn how to make this choice yourself. 

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5 Full Face Snorkel Mask

Top 5 Full Face Scuba Mask Comparison

Editor's Choice
WildHorn Outfitters Full Face Snorkel Mask
WildHorn Outfitters Full Face Snorkel Mask
  • Flowtech Advanced Air Intake System
  • Action Camera Mount
  • Anti-leak and Fog Resistant
Check Price
#1 Best Seller
WSTOO Full Face Snorkel Mask
WSTOO Full Face Snorkel Mask
  • Anti-fog & Anti-leak Technology
  • 180° Panoramic View
  • Safety Breathing System
Check Price
3Greatever Snorkel Face Snorkeling Mask
Greatever Snorkel Face Snorkeling Mask
  • 180° Panoramic View
  • Support Camera Mount
  • Anti-leak and anti-fog features
Check Price
4Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkeling Mask
Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkeling Mask
  • Improved panoramic vision
  • Integrated dry-top snorkel
  • Naturally Fog-Free Design
Check Price
5Marlrin Full Face Snorkel Mask
Marlrin Full Face Snorkel Mask
  • Full face design
  • Dry snorkel design
  • Camera mount design
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The Wildhorn Outfitters is Seaview 180° V2 is an upgraded version of the first release. It comes with a design that is very similar to the original Seaview 180 but this isn’t a bad development. 

However, the major difference lies in the fact that SV2 was designed to cover the entire face, unlike the earlier version where you had to clench the pipe in your mouth. As the name implies, it allows you a 10-degree view of the seascape right in front of you.

 This full-face scuba mask comes with a number of great features. 

Key Features



Bottom Line

This is no doubt one of the best masks that you would find on the market. High-Quality construction and impeccable design are some of the major eye-catchers on this product. Also, if you want to get real value for your money, this might just be a great buy for you. 

The only downside is that it is quite expensive and isn’t suitable for freediving. Apart from these drawbacks, the Seaview 180° snorkel mask is easily one of the best on the market.


The WSTOO full face snorkel mask is basically designed for relaxed snorkeling such as while on vacation or your regular weekend thing. It isn’t designed for intense and strenuous swimming or for training for a triathlon. 

The WSTOO lightweight and has a snorkel design that allows the mask to be stored in a small backpack or even a small beach bag. Although it is strong and sturdy and made of high-quality material, the lightweightedness is one of the easiest features to notice. 

It also comes with a GoPro mount on the front.

Key Features



Bottom Line

This mask is one of the best on the market and is preferred by a large number of people. It comes with some great features that every diving enthusiast looks out for plus some more.

 Its design and construction as well as the materials used for constructing it make it a very high-quality mask. This might just be a great purchase choice for you.


Greatever Full Face Snorkel Mask is quite renowned for providing maximum comfort and a very safe underwater experience.

This brand designed the mask such that it can be easily adjusted with a low inner volume making it very suitable for diving enthusiasts that are particular about deep diving.

Another main feature of this mask is that it can accommodate a very wide range of different face types irrespective of size.

Similarly, features like its excellent breathability thanks to a flexible breathing tube make it a very desired mask on the market.

Key Features



Bottom Line

The Greatever Full Face Snorkel Mask is a most impressive mask which is why it made this list. Its unique penchant for fitting a wide range of faces makes it a very great choice if you have issues with sizing. 

Similarly, it is suitable for deep diving unlike a number of masks and this is one major feature that you need as a deep-diving enthusiast. Summarily, this should be a very good purchase choice and one that you should definitely enjoy.


The Ocean Reef Aria full face mask boasts of a very amazing design that guarantees that no fogging occurs. Instead, the fogging takes place at the bottom of the mask which is separate from the viewing area.

 It also typically comes with a 180° field of vision which is a lot broader than the typical standard snorkel or diving mask. This implies that it comes with one of the largest fields of vision on the market.

Key Features



Bottom Line

It’s pretty much all good news when it comes to the Ocean Reef Aria full face mask. Right from its awesome design to the great features, it boasts of, this full-face scuba mask is the favorite of a large number of diving enthusiasts. 

It might as well be your favorite if you decide to try it out. However, this should definitely be a great purchase.


The Marlrin Full Face Snorkel Mask offers a 180-degree view of the seascape also guarantees excellent breathability using either the nose or mouth for this. 

The mask is designed to make snorkeling safe and easy and is made out of top-notch quality medical grade silicone material to guarantee comfort. It also prevents skin issues and allergic reactions completely as well as being environmentally friendly and non-toxic. 

It also features dry snorkel technology that prevents saltwater from getting into the month and forestalls leaks and saltwater aspiration.

Key Features



Bottom Line

The Marlrin Full Face Snorkel Mask is bound doubt one of the most functional full-face scuba masks out there in the market. It is typically designed for snorkeling enthusiasts to carry basic snorkeling when on vacation or whenever. 

This is in actual fact, the purpose in mind for which these masks were made. However, you can be certain of one thing, the fact that you are making a great purchase decision.

How to Choose the Best Full face Snorkel Masks - Buyer’s Guide

Full face snorkel masks are a relatively recent product in the market for snorkeling gear. 

Finding the best one for you can be quite tasking, however, given the correct guideline, you’d be on your way to getting the best on the market in no time. 

Here are some of the features that every full-face design snorkel mask should have:

Lens Quality

When it comes to full-face snorkel masks, visibility is one of the most essential features that you need to consider. Apart from guaranteeing you a 180-degree viewing, the mask must also be able to guarantee a safe viewing experience.  

Anti-fog technology ding incorporated into the lenses should be taken very seriously like as well. Most masks these days come with a spray on the film that gives them a fog-less feature, this is the sort to look out for.

Furthermore, masks should have a lens that comes with anti-scratch coating in it. This would help increase their lifespan as well as their durability. Tinted and colored features are also a great part of any mask as well as technologies that decrease the deadening of colors at depths. 

All of these contribute to lens quality. 

Mask Fit

Snorkeling gear typically comes with a rubber seal which is referred to as the skirt and it usually makes contact with the face of the wearer. The rubber seal is present to prevent water from entering into the mask.

Masks that come properly fitted allows for comfort as well as prevent leaks. A badly fitted mask, on the other hand, would have you spending more time clearing water out of your mask than having a great snorkeling experience.

 Similarly, there would constantly be fog in your mask and this would, of course, obstruct your vision. In order to avoid all of these, you should go for a mask that allows for maximum adjustment with its straps. 

This way, you can easily adjust the mask until it fits your face perfectly.

The Skirt

The skirt’s material and fit needs to be carefully considered when buying a make as well. Cheap masks come with their skirts made of rubber or plastic and this is inconvenient, less durable and brittle. 

The best type of mask to go for is one that is made out of high-grade silicone and provides a higher-up seal and comfort.

 The silicone skirts also come with the UV rays blocking feature that guarantees the longevity of the mask. 

In recent times, masks have begun to upgrade and include a double layer of secondary skirt that prevents water penetration into the mask. 

Similarly, the second layer serves as a backup seal and typically moves along one’s face. 

Field of View 

When buying a full face mask, it would be a great idea to opt for the ones that have a complete 180-degree viewing. Usually, the best form of masks have their lens extending beyond the side of your eyes and have its frame positioned as far as possible to the side of your head. 

This makes for an unobstructed view of the underwater seascape. 

Other Features

One feature that you should look out for in a snorkel is a dry top otherwise known as dry snorkel technology. Although many full face masks feature a dry-top snorkel, this isn’t a major guarantee.

 However, before making your purchase, ensure that this feature is present. Full face snorkel masks that come with a separate breathing chamber are a great choice too as well as a camera mount that is compatible with all GoPro cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions

Full face scuba masks are only suitable to be used for surface snorkeling. This implies that you just float on the surface of the water without swimming. Full face snorkel masks should never be used for diving. They are only safe for use on the surface of the water.

To measure for a full face snorkel mask, close your mouth and determine the distance between the bottom of your chin and the trough at the top of your nose. If it is more than 12cm or 4.7″, the size to go for us M/L, if, on the other hand, it is less than 12cm or 4.6″, S/M is your best bet.

The tube that accompanies full face snorkel masks is usually divided into three different sections. The air comes in via a series of valves and the middle section is responsible for being the region that fresh air passes into the mask.

A great place for all your full face snorkel mask purchases is Amazon. It guarantees ease of shopping as well as a wide variety.

Criteria We Used for Full-face Snorkel Masks Review

In order to select the best snorkel masks off of the market to review, we made use of a number of criteria that we would like to share with you. This might even be of great help to you later when making a choice of best full face snorkel mask. 


Snorkel masks these days come in a very wide range of prices ranging from pretty exorbitant to very cheap as well. In order to ensure that we were not selecting masks that would break the bank, we ensured that we noted the prices. 

Similarly, we selected masks that were of the best quality and promised features that were going to be worth the money you would be paying. This way, you could get all of the features that you desire without having the price tag on the mask burn a large hole within your pocket.  


Certain products come with a claim of having one feature or the other, and then at the end of the day, such a feature is either missing or not very functional. Now, of course, we didn’t want this to be your portion.

So we took our time to analyze the functions that the manufacturer was promising and took time to check whether it indeed worked. Also, we looked out for great features such as dry snorkel technology and snorkels that featured high-grade silicone skirts.

Those are basic functions that would help you get enormous value for your money. 

Customer Reviews 

What did previous buyers have to say about the snorkel masks? What is the average rating for the masks? Does it indeed work exactly as it was stated by the manufacturer? These are the questions that checking through customer reviews help you to answer.

The reviews help you to confirm whether indeed you are going for great stuff or you should reconsider.

 However, we realized that some reviews may not be very genuine so we were careful to sift out whichever one looked phony and worked with the completely genuine ones only. 


The easiest way to guarantee an exciting and hitch-free snorkeling is to get great gear. In other words, WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180° V2 Full Face Snorkel Mask with FLOWTECH Advanced Breathing System should be your choice at any time.

 This article contains everything you need to know in relation to full-face snorkel masks so that now, you have your ultimate guide.