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In order to determine the overall best scuba mask, we pitted the bests against each other. And after doing this, the Cressi Panoramic Snorkel Set easily outshone the others as the best scuba diving mask. 

While scuba mask selection can be tricky, we can assure you that our review has got you completely covered.

The Winner

The superbness of the Cressi easily shows from the moment when you’ve got it on.

  • A super durable frame made with polycarbonate alongside a really soft silicone skirt and amazing extended peripheral vision.
  • No leaks and very minimal fogging issued just makes the Cressi quite a catch literally.
  • The teardrop lens design gives you a broad field of view and an amazing feeling while underwater.

It is very easy to relate to the fact that getting the best in a market of so many options can be pretty difficult sometimes. However, it turns out that there are ways to avoid all of that stress and that is exactly why this article is here for you.

This article is going to eliminate any difficulty that you experience in choosing the best scuba masks.

We would also tell you what you need to look out for if you really want to get the best there is on the market.

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Top 5 Scuba Mask Comparison

Editor's Choice
Cressi Panoramic Snorkel Set
Cressi Panoramic Snorkel Set
  • Tempered glass lenses, polycarbonate frame
  • Double feathered edge skirt
  • Soft 100% high-quality silicone
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2Promate Optical Corrective Scuba Mask
Promate Optical Corrective Scuba Mask
  • Crystal liquid silicone
  • Double edge comfort seal
  • Tempered glass lenses, hard plastic frame
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Solid Single Lens Mask
Scubapro Solo Snorkeling Mask
Scubapro Solo Snorkeling Mask
  • Non-slip strap with adjustable buckle
  • Frameless design
  • Clear and open-view single lens
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4SwimStar Mask and Snorkel Set
SwimStar Mask and Snorkel Set
  • Adjustable head straps
  • Anti-fog coated feature
  • Single-lens design and tempered glass
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GoPro Ready
Octomask GoPro Diving Mask
Octomask GoPro Diving Mask
  • Ultra-soft silicone skirt
  • Attachment for a camera
  • 100% mask fit guarantee
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Best Scuba Mask Detailed Review

Instead of just brushing the surface of details about the scuba masks, an in-depth knowledge would further help your selection process.  A detailed review would easily help you make a decision given that you already have all the facts stated.

So here are the detailed reviews of the swimming masks that we deemed to be the best on the market.


The Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask Dry Snorkel Set makes diving a more exciting and fulfilling experience. The extended peripheral vision presents diving in a whole new light and effectively makes the difference underwater. 

Similarly, the teardrop lens design brings about a larger scope to be viewed and an impressive “wide open” sensation. The extra set of lenses present on either side of the main lens of the Cressi Panoramic wide view mask allows you to see underwater in higher definition. 

Also, very little issues with fogging guarantee that you don’t end up having a very annoying experience.

Key Features



Bottom Line

The Cressi swimming mask is one of the most functional masks that you would find on the internet for a great price. And it also comes with a highly durable snorkel. It is clearly competitively priced and would be a great choice.


This corrective scuba diving mask comes with a liquid silicone strap and skirt that provides enormous comfort and a perfect fit. It also offers a very wide range of lens strengths to pick from as well as a variety of colors. 

For divers on a budget, this mask is a great option and the design is best suited to divers with medium-sized faces. It is also super comfortable which is one feature every dive mask needs to possess.

The lenses are made with tempered glass which is less likely to cause injury upon breaking.

Key Features



Bottom Line

This scuba mask is very affordable which makes it worthy of consideration. Next, it’s made out of the best quality materials there is and this attests to its durability. Therefore, it would be a great purchase choice, especially for divers with various eye defects which this mask takes care of.


The Scuba Solo Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask boasts of a number of great features such as a double-sealed silicone skirt molds to almost any face and provides a leak-free seal. It is also very fitting and super comfortable and even remains leak-free if you have a beard. 

It is typically suited to both beginners and advanced divers. In addition, it allows you to pinch your nose to clear which is indeed a very underrated feature. 

The buckles also have a very large adjustment gap so that the strap can be adjusted easily to guarantee a great fit and tight seal.

Key Features



Bottom Line

The Scubapro Solo is definitely one of the best on the market given that it comes with all the standard features and more. Most of the divers who purchased this had nothing but good reviews. We also noticed the high quality and are certain that it would be a great purchase choice. 


The SwimStar Adventure Mask and Snorkel Set are designed to fit various face shapes and sizes. For people who have difficulty getting a mask to fit their faces due to various features like high cheekbones or protruding foreheads, this mask has got you covered. 

It also features a highly flexible and almost liquid silicone skirt. In addition, the snorkel is a dry model with a purge valve which is the best type for most snorkelers. 

The lens is made out of shatter-proof tempered glass which clearly points to just how much quality the swimming mask can boast of.

Key Features



Bottom Line

For its price, the SwimStar Adventure Mask and Snorkel Set is a complete steal. It is made using the best quality materials available and is very long-lasting. In addition, it is designed to suit almost all faces so you would not have to bother about fitting. Given features like this, going for this dive mask sounds like a great choice.


This GoPro diving mask is really unique and is the only type that we have on this list. Imagine capturing your diving footage from a first person perspective while having your hands free.

Well, there is no need to imagine, after all, that’s exactly what this GoPro diving mask offers. It captures the footage in high resolution and it is constructed using high-quality materials. 

In addition, it comes with an ultra-soft silicone skirt that is made out of very high-quality silicone to ensure that the mask fits your face perfectly.

Key Features



Bottom Line

The OCTOMASK is an innovation that has taken the stress of handling the camera out of the mix which you’re diving or snorkeling. 

With your hands free, you’re bound to have a lot more enthralling experience and it is pretty affordable as well.

The fact that it is compatible with all GoPro® camera models also makes it quite a purchase.

How to Choose the Best Scuba Mask - Buyer’s Guide

Trying to choose the best swim mask on the market really doesn’t have to leave you with a pounding headache. As a matter of fact, it should be quite a breeze provided you know exactly what to look out for.

Also, before going ahead to make any purchase, there are a number of factors you need to consider and all of this and more would be covered in this section. Let’s roll!

1. The Mask Lens

You need to be able to see very clearly under the water, which is basically the point of diving. This is why you have to be especially careful when selecting the lens to go with your swimming mask.

The first major factor that would determine how well you see underwater is the quality of the lens. A high-quality lens will allow more light into the mask. Typically, low-quality lenses allow only about 80 to 85% of the light.

For top-notch lenses, they can allow up to 95%. Furthermore, how well you see also depends on your choice of single, dual or multiple/side lens. A single lens gives a more open feel but cannot be used with prescription lenses and the volume is larger as well. 

This implies that they would be a lot harder to equalize compared to a dual-lens mask. Multi lens masks come with a minute window pane on either side of the mask which gives some peripheral vision as well as the sensation of having a wider field of view.

In terms of durability, purchasing lenses that are tempered are advised as they would withstand impacts and high levels of pressure as well.

 Also, ensure that the lens has a great angle, that is you can see your equipment very clearly when you look downwards. 

2. Mask Skirt

The quality of the mask skirt is the major determining factor in how well the mask is going to fit. This part is very essential because the better the fit that you get, the fewer leaks you are going to experience. 

Water flooding your mask and you having to constantly clear it can be very annoying, so this is one major factor to look out for. High-quality masks usually have their skirt made using a medical quality silicone material that is very pliable.

This usually gives it a lot more flexibility and guarantees a better fit and seal too. 

3. Mask Frame

Masks usually come in two versions; framed or frameless. Most of the masks available on the market presently typically have a frame and the advantage of this is that it can be taken apart to repair the mask. 

Also, you can fit them with prescription lenses. On the other hand, frameless masks are super light and come with a lower volume which makes for easy equalizing. Furthermore, most frameless masks fit better which implies that there’s a lot less leaking. 

They are very slim and would fit into your bag easily, even when you are carrying a spare. So if you are not using prescription lenses, frameless scuba masks would be a great choice. 

4. Mask Straps and Buckles

Most of the scuba masks for sale on the market usually come with a silicone strap for holding the mask on your face and ensuring a great fit. 

However, they can be easily replaced and fitting it with a neoprene “slap strap” that slides on and off easier and doesn’t get stuck in hair is a great choice.

Similarly, getting a high-quality buckle is essential so you would typically need to avoid cheaper masks that tend to have cheap buckles which are a pain. 

While getting a strap, ensure that it isn’t too tight, otherwise, it wouldn’t fit and you might spring a leak.

scuba diver happy underwater

Frequently Asked Questions

There are four basic things that you should look out for. First off, ensure that the lens is made with tempered glass and it is of very high quality. 

Next, make sure that the skirt is made with a material like medical quality silicone which is pretty pliable. Then the mask frame should be made of durable stuff too. 

Finally, the straps and buckles should be easy to adjust and slide on/off smoothly.

Scuba masks come in different price ranges depending on the features that you want. You could get a great piece for between $25 and $50. 

There are also scuba masks that cost upwards of $50 and $100.

Typically, scuba masks can be used over and over again so there is no specific time duration for using a mask.

The lifespan of a scuba mask usually depends on the quality of the mask itself as well as how well you maintain it. 

The frequency of usage also weighs in, of course.

How We Review the Diving Masks

scuba mask on the sea shore

To select the best diving goggles or scuba masks on the market, we used a couple of determining factors. 

1. Price Range

Staying within budget when making any purchase is very important and we understand that. This is why we ensured that we selected masks that fell within various price ranges.

This way you wouldn’t have to break the bank in order to buy a dive mask. In addition, we ensured that the features that the masks had to offer were indeed worth the price tag attached.

2. Durability

Scuba masks usually have to withstand an enormous amount of pressure and are very much prone to wear and tear since they are being used underwater.

Therefore, in selecting the best swim masks on the market, the quality was our beacon. We ensured that the masks didn’t any negatives regarding their quality.

3. Manufacturing Materials 

Although this somehow ties back to the quality, we had to make sure of a number of things. First off, tempered glass for the lenses, next, silicone for the skirt.

For the framed masks, they needed to be made out of hard plastic to ensure durability. The materials used for making a scuba mask is the major determining factor in how long it would last. 

4. Reviews

Reviews are an important part of selecting any product and we didn’t leave that out when selecting the best scuba masks on the market.

We went through the reviews to make sure that all of the features and pros promised by the manufacturer were indeed true. 

men checking diving gear

Final Thoughts

A good scuba mask is essential for an enjoyable experience under the water.

Our best scuba mask, Cressi Panoramic Snorkel Set, is hands down one of the best that you would find on the market. Similarly, our scuba mask reviews clearly detail everything that you need to know about our top picks. 

When it comes to selecting a great scuba diving mask, you should never be in a hurry because it could easily make the difference in your diving experience.