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Scuba diving fins is a must when exploring the depths of the water.

We’ve dived into testing of 23 pairs of scuba fins to check for their durability and no doubt that Mares Full Foot Scuba Fins is just the very one you wouldn’t be afraid of going deep with.

The Winner

Mares Full Foot Scuba Fins uses the most recent tech to guarantee an amazing experience for users. Here are some of the major features we deemed worthy of note:

  • Superchannel technology that allows for maximum kick efficiency and optimal power.
  • Employs the most advanced form of Superchannel thrust technology, upper and lower stabilizers, and thermoplastic rubber/tecralene materials.
  • Channel thrust technology that moves a larger amount of water compared to other fins of the same size and maximizes the channeling of water as well.
  •  The blade comes with a large flexible central superchannel that makes water flow faster and more efficiently down the fin blade.

We’re pretty sure that you would agree with us that sometimes the process of selecting the best of the market could get so tasking that you end up settling for less. But is it really difficult or you are just going about it the wrong way? Trying to purchase the best diving fins should not leave you with a banging headache provided you are following the right steps. What are the steps to follow? Well, this article is set to show you exactly how to go about this.

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Top 5 Scuba Diving Fins Comparison

Editor's Choice
Mares Full Foot Scuba Fins
Mares Full Foot Scuba Fins
  • Channel thrust technology system
  • Perfectly molded foot pocket
  • Great blade design
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Vented Blade Design
Apeks RK3 Military Rubber Fin
Apeks RK3 Military Rubber Fin
  • Traditional all-rubber design
  • Stainless steel spring straps
  • Short wide blade
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3CAPAS Snorkel Fins
CAPAS Snorkel Fins
  • Adjustable open heel design
  • Compact size, perfect for traveling
  • High quality material
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4IST Rubber Rocket Scuba Fins
IST Rubber Rocket Scuba Fins
  • High-Grade Material
  • Coil Spring Strap Compatible
  • Open-heel foot pocket with adjustable straps
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Anatomically shaped
TUSA SF-22 Open Heel Diving Fins
TUSA SF-22 Open Heel Diving Fins
  • ForcElast Technology
  • Newly designed anatomic foot pocket
  • TUSA patented 20° Angled Blade Design
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Best Scuba Diving Fins Detailed Review

Choosing the best diving fins shouldn't be based on peripheral observation. In order to make a great decision, you should know the nitty-gritty of the best there is on the market. So let's go into the detailed reviews of the top scuba fins.


The Mares Full Foot Scuba Fins are one of the most advanced scuba fins on the market. It makes use of the most recent Superchannel technology that allows for maximum kick efficiency and optimal power. It also comes with Channel Thrust Technology that moves a great deal of water compared to other fins of the same size. This implies that you can move larger amounts of water with the same effort due to an increased thrusting power. Also, the material that made out of – thermoplastic rubber/trecralene makes for a better fit and eliminates the need to have to specially protect yourself against blisters.

Key Features

  • Features the most recent Superchannel technology that guarantees the best kick efficiency and optimal power
  • The blade is designed to include a large flexible central super channel that propels water flow more efficiently down the fin blade
  • Thermoplastic rubber/trecralene material that makes for a comfortable fit and prevents blisters
  • It also comes with upper and lower stabilizers in the form of vertical ribs that serve as an anchor for the blade and serves to get rid of the wobbling effect, reduces power loss and keeps kicks stable


  • Highly durable
  • Impressive thrusting power
  • Relatively cheap
  • Comfortable to use


  • Narrow width
  • Quite resistant
  • Too long in some cases

Bottom Line

Overall, the Mares Full Foot Scuba Fins are intended to make scuba diving a whole brand new experience. How? Amazing features thanks to new technology that you definitely do not want to miss out on. This scuba diving fin offers some great features and is pretty affordable too. Therefore, this should be one piece of diving fins to look out for.


As one of the top fins for diving, the Apeks RK3 fins easily proves that a bigger size doesn’t always imply a better experience. This diving fin is made in the standard design of fins that is mainly used by the military, special ops, and Coast Guard divers. It is designed to reduce resistance and maximize forward thrust and this is seen in its all-rubber design with stainless steel spring straps and a short wide, vented blade. Although it is more suited to technical diving, it is also great for regular diving enthusiasts.

Key Features

  • It features a traditional all-rubber design that guarantees great performance
  • Comes with custom designed buckle holds spring straps in an optimum position
  • Features a short wide blade that provides maximum forward thrust while at the same time maintaining excellent maneuverability
  • The custom buckle is attached with stainless steel nut and bolt and the fins come with stainless steel spring straps


  • Supports frog-style kicking
  • Allows for great maneuverability
  • Well suited to confined spaces
  • Great forward thrust and minimal resistance


  • More tech-oriented
  • Buckle may be unsteady
  • Not for open water diving

Bottom Line

What Apeks R3 Military Rubber Fin doesn’t have in size, it made up for it in performance. This highly efficient scuba diving fin is designed to make diving a perfect experience every single time. It also does just fine when it comes to comparing power vs. stress and maneuverability. If you’re looking for a very functional aqualung fin, then this may just be one of your best bets.


The CAPAS Fins were specifically designed with fitting a wide range of various foot sizes in mind. Irrespective of the size of your feet, only a slight adjustment is required to get a great fit. It fits small, medium and large feet thanks to its open-heel classification where all sizes of booties can fit in very easily. It is also very versatile in that it can be used with dive booties, a pair of fin socks or even barefoot. However, the main feature of the Capas Snorkeling Fins that makes it stand out is its short blades that allow for more efficiency when kicking in the water.

Key Features

  • Adjustable open heel design that allows for each fin to take a wide range of various feet sizes
  • There are filter pads present in the fins to make sure that they stay in shape while in storage
  • Soft heel straps with large thumb loops, that gives you an easy one-time adjustment and allows you to easily put on and remove the fins
  • Made from carefully selected high-quality materials that are flexible enough to be used walking barefoot and has a soft foot pocket


  • Ergonomic design
  • Open heel design that fits well
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Soft heel straps make for a great and comfortable fit


  • Adjustable strap isn't durable
  • Not suitable for wide-footed people
  • Plastic clasp comes off easily

Bottom Line

CAPAS Snorkel Fins literally drop of comfort. It is designed to perfectly suit any diving enthusiast whilst keeping their comfort in mind. Furthermore, its versatility makes it one of those diving fins that you don’t have to worry about the process of putting them on. It is also pretty compact and is great for carrying along with you while traveling. Basically, this would be a great choice too.


The design of this set of scuba fins is pretty unique compared to others on the market. The IST Rubber Rocket Scuba Diver Fins are designed such that each fin comes with bents that are present to provide efficiency. The blade also has a unique curvature and it is mainly used by the military. The fins are made with highly durable rubber which is very strong and is of premium grade. In addition, the fins are very comfortable and are designed to be worn with dive booties.

Key Features

  • Durable design thanks to long-lasting and premium-grade manufacture materials
  • Special design including curvature and tapered blade for improved propulsion
  • Jet style with deep grooves that channel water back to bring forth a powerful kick
  • Open back style that is suited only to dive booties


  • Relatively cheap
  • Very portable
  • Neutrally buoyant in water
  • Great fit for large feet divers


  • It is pretty heavy
  • Worn through after a year or two
  • A bit too long

Bottom Line

The IST Rubber Rocket Scuba Fin isn’t very fancy. But what it doesn’t have in fanciful design, it makes up for in function. It is highly functional and is a high-performance fin. The traditional design also makes it suited to various uses like open water rescue and salvage diving. Recall that performance is what you should always look out for in a diving fin. Therefore, this makes for a great choice for a diving fin.


The Tusa SF-22 Solla Scuba diving fins are a combination of high tech fin design that Tusa is well known for, high-quality materials and hydrodynamic innovation. It boasts of several great features that allow for easy maneuvering and maximum propulsion. Its primary material is a proprietary thermoplastic elastomer compound called ForcElast. This material is positioned in the fin blade and foot pocket such that the amount of propulsion gotten with a mild kick is mind-blowing.

Key Features

  • It comes with TUSA patented 20° Angled Blade Design (A.B.D.)
  • A multi-compound foot pocket that increases power transfer to the fin blade
  • Three-channel blade with a crescent that maximizes propulsion
  • It features a newly designed anatomic foot pocket enhances comfort


  • Great for water with currents
  • Good power with vents and rails
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Ergonomic design


  • Large foot pocket sizing
  • Too stiff for people with weak legs
  • Some users complain about the length

Bottom Line

The Tusa SF-22 Diving Fins are a true definition of incredible performance at a modest price. This scuba diving fin just about comes with an entirely different set of features from others and this enables it to do so well. Most buyers claim that they love this fin because of the great design and amazing features. Therefore, this should be one set of fins where you get maximum value for your money.

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How to Choose the Best Scuba Diving Fins - Buyer’s Guide

The process of getting the best scuba diving fins on the market doesn’t have to be a hassle at all. Recall that in order to have great diving experience, you need to be in a gear that you are super comfortable in. This implies that you cannot make this decision without taking some factors into consideration. These factors are the ones that would, in fact, guide you to eventually identifying the best on the market. Just so that you don’t go bothering your head about what they are, we have created this guide where we discussed each factor and just how important they are to the general process of selection. Do you want to dive like a pro? Well, let’s go in and teach you how to get the best gear that you would definitely need. 

1. Budget

One of the most important aspects that you have to consider is the financial implications of your purchase. In order to buy the best scuba fins, you must be ready to saddle the financial aspect. Scuba fins come priced differently and more often than not, the price may be somewhat proportional to the features that you get. Some fins come equipped with certain amazing features and are made from different materials as others and so are priced higher than others. Therefore, if you want to make your investment worthwhile and significant, you should ensure that the fins would deliver enormous value. Cheaply priced fins do not last very long and you should avoid those. 

2. Material

The material used for making scuba fins is one of the major determining factors in the lifespan of such fins. Therefore, you need to be wary of fins made with low-quality materials or materials that are not very suitable. Various materials are used for production or manufacture of fins and you would find some fins made of neoprene. In other cases, you may find fins made out of thermoplastic rubber or polyurethane. Also, certain fins are made of composite plastic polymers while some manufacturers use a blend of all of these materials. However, the most commonly used material is neoprene and is pretty trustworthy. So buying scuba fins made of neoprene from a name brand is a great idea. 

3. Durability

Irrespective of what your budget is or whatever material the scuba fin is made with, you should ensure that it is, in fact, a durable one. The durability of the fins is one of the dictators of how long it would last and just how much value you would get out of it. In recent times, most fins come with modified paddles that are a lot more durable compared to their regular counterparts. Apart from lending quality to the fins, it also reduces the amount of your effort exerted while using your legs and ankles. It veritably helps you to conserve energy and, of course, guarantees long usage as well. 

4. Heel Type

In purchasing diving fins, the heel type is one major factor to consider. There are two types of heel types: the first is an open heel while the other is a full foot. However, you cannot simply go ahead to make a random selection. This is because different heels are suited to types of feet sizes. So if you have got a foot size that tends to the small side and is pretty slim, you could go for full foot fins. However, full foot fins are not suited to all types of feet, but on the plus side, they are good for dive travel, lighter than pocket fins and do not require the use of booties. Open heel fins, on the other hand, are suited to all types of feet but require the use of booties with it. They are also great for shore diving. 

5. Blade Type

There are different blade types and your choice mainly depends on the purpose of your purchase. For instance, standard paddle fins come with a flat surface and are designed that way with the aim of retaining water on the surface for a better force. Channel fins, on the other hand, are more commonly found being used by professionals and are pretty heavy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The main criterion for using diving fins successfully is to know how to kick. There are two main types of kicks – the flutter kick and the frog kick. Once you master these, using your diving fins would not be a problem.

To prevent getting blisters from diving fins, you can put on a pair of regular athletic socks or fin socks. This would help to prevent chafing during swim sets or while long swimming.

If you are trying out open heeled fins, you should wear dive boots and ensure that you can see your boot protruding out of the foot pocket by few inches. A closed heeled fin, on the other hand, will fit against your barefoot comfortably. You can also raise the fin and try to hold touch its tip. Afterward, try to flex the fin just like you would do underwater.

How We Review the Best Scuba Diving Fins

Below are the criteria that we used for selecting and reviewing the best diving fins.

1. Features 

This was one of the major criteria that we used when reviewing our best scuba fins. We scrutinized each scuba fin to ensure that it had all the quality features that would be required for great user experience. In addition, we made sure that the features being stated by the manufacturers were indeed present and functional and were operating at an optimal level. Furthermore, we checked to make sure that the price tag on the fins was proportional to the features that the manufacturer was stating. And while we were at this, we made sure that the fins were, of course, carrying out their basic functions before any other thing. 

2. Buyer Reviews 

Selecting a product without seeing what other people who purchased it before you have to say is not a very wise decision. Buyers who have had firsthand experience in using the fins are one of the main sources of concrete information about the scuba fins. In line with this, we checked out what previous buyers had to say about the fins and its functionality. We also ensured the fins were highly rated and the positive reviews were confirmed. In addition, we ensured that we reviews that we worked with were not doctored or bought. This way, we could be sure that we were working with genuine reviews and it helped our decision-making process. 

3. Quality 

This encompasses the material used, the design and all other components of the fins. The main aim of purchasing any scuba fins is so that you can it can be used while diving, and beyond that, every buyer wants their fins to last for as long as possible. Therefore, we could not compromise with the quality of the fins that we selected for review. For every single scuba fin that got selected, we ensured that they were of only the best quality and are manufactured using high-quality materials. Furthermore, we noted the warranty period that the manufacturers placed on their fins. One of the main ways of identifying high-quality products is the warranty period that the manufacturers place on their products. In most cases, the longer the warranty period, the more confidence that they actually repose in such products. 

4. Price 

This was a major determiner in the criteria that we use for reviewing our best scuba fins. We understand the fact that different buyers have different budgets and are therefore only able to go to various lengths financially. Therefore, we ensured that we reviewed fins that could be purchased by a range of people with different budgets. While we were at it, we ensured that the prices were proportional to the value the fins were offering. In other words, we guarantee that you would be getting value for your money.


After this article, selecting the best diving fins should no longer be a problem. And if you are looking to choose the best as you would be, recall that Mares Full Foot Scuba Fins is hands down one of the top that you would find. Now, you can stay rest assured that your scuba diving experience is guaranteed to be a great one henceforth.

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